• Hey Heather! My inspiration comes from everywhere! lol life! what ever i come across that ignites passion. for this project though i was very much influenced by Naomi Wolfs book “the beauty myth” and “promiscuities” as well as Bell Hooks and Cordelia Fine :) x

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  2. Bria

    You probably have no idea how amazing it is to see not just someone with scoliosis, but with the level of scoliosis I have instead of the more common slight curves :’) You’re amazing. As if you didn’t know;)

  3. charlottellb

    I read the article published on the daily mail website and immediately did a google search for your website! You have inspired me not to be ashamed or to be shy of having scoliosis, or to be worried about what people say. Thank you!!

  4. Ovidius

    You are a supergirl, a very attractive and nice person. You are a superphotographer. You are a real artist. And let me tell you something: Me to I have scoliosis and I understand you perfectly.

  5. Jem San Jose

    Your story has inspired me to become more than hiw people look at me. It’s feels so wonderfull to have someone who is like me to prove the world wrong that beauty comes from within the heart and soul ☺😄😇

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